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You are standing in an alleyway.

There is a poster on the side of a building, a trash can, and a small puddle.

Your name is Coak, although you do not realize it yet, you are about to embark on a great journey.

What do you do?

> Check inside the trash can.

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14/10/31 - "[3]Super-UnPauge the Ques..."
14/10/31 - "[3]Super-Pauge the Quest."
14/10/31 - "[2]Sub-UnPauge the Quest."
14/10/31 - "[SW]Auticolate: Reap spoi..."
14/10/31 - "[SW]Spishy: Oops."
14/10/31 - "[SW]Auticolate: FINAL ATT..."
14/10/31 - "[SW]Kate: Combine with yo..."
14/10/31 - "[SW]Skeleton God: Rise."
14/10/31 - "[SW]Nicole: Use vampire m..."
14/10/31 - "[SW]SMDF2BCv2.0BB: Tip yo..."
14/10/31 - "[SW]Autumn: Deflect frien..."
14/10/31 - "[SW]Skeletons: Release pu..."
14/10/30 - "[SW]Commence Mesh Battle!..."
14/10/30 - "[SW]Skeletons: Join the b..."
14/10/30 - "[SW]Kate: Release royal u..."
14/10/27 - "[SW]Kate: Activate Queen ..."
14/10/27 - "[SW]Nicole: Notice Kate s..."
14/10/27 - "[SW]Kate: Examine Grave."
14/10/27 - "[SW]Be Kate."
14/10/27 - "[SW]SMDF2BCv2.0BB: Attack..."
14/10/20 - "[SW]Fuckboys: Become Supe..."
14/10/20 - "[SW]SuperTits: Activate u..."
14/10/20 - "[SW]SuperTits: Unleash ma..."
14/10/20 - "[SW]Vampire Nicole: Talk ..."
14/10/20 - "[SW]Fuckboys: Enter the g..."
14/10/20 - "[SW]Next."
14/10/20 - "[SW]Nookls: Wake up."
14/10/20 - "[SW]Heidi: Attack nookls."
14/10/20 - "[SW]Fuckboys: Get magical..."
14/10/20 - "[SW]Heidi: Talk to Nicole..."
14/10/20 - "[SW]Heidi: Come back to l..."
14/10/20 - "[SW]Skeleton Council: Ret..."
14/10/11 - "[SW]Summon the Death Ripp..."
14/10/11 - "Jasper: Run the file and ..."
14/10/10 - "Jasper: Access the Flashi..."
14/10/10 - "[SW]Furballs: Send a heli..."
14/10/10 - "[SW]BatMatt: Put away tel..."
14/10/10 - "Heidi: Go talk to Jasper ..."
14/10/10 - "Heidi: Apologize to Andre..."
14/10/10 - "[SW]BatMatt: Spot the Vam..."

10-05-14: Hey everybody, sorry for the lack of updates lately and the general deadness of the forum. I'm not dead, I mean not really. I try to keep these text news post as "professional" as possible but the sad truth is that I need to be boohoo sadsad for a moment. I don't know if any of you are aware but I have horrible anxiety, and usually it's not that bad but lately the attacks just won't stop and it's making it a bit difficult to operate. I'm seeing a therapist soon and I'll be put on some sort of medication but it's just hard to make posts or come onto chat when almost everything makes it hard to breath and whatnot. I apologize for everything but there may not be a lot of activity from me in the next 2 weeks. If I update, that's great. If I don't you know why. Thanks everybody.

09-28-14: Kate, Autumn, Nicole: Play an EXTREME GAME OF CHESS.

07-19-14: zQuest Soundtrack available HERE!!!

06-28-14: Flashwave made a RSS Feed for subscribing to zQuest updates!

06-20-14: Mega Zeniea Confirmed?

06-19-14: Happy Birthday Lord Scriminamp!

06-06-14: Added the Suggestions Box. Thanks Flashwave!

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