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You are standing in an alleyway.

There is a poster on the side of a building, a trash can, and a small puddle.

Your name is Coak, although you do not realize it yet, you are about to embark on a great journey.

What do you do?

> Check inside the trash can.

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14/09/16 - "[2]Sub-Pauge the Quest."
14/09/15 - "Luther: Fight back!"
14/09/15 - "Nookls: USE LAYZER OF SPA..."
14/09/13 - "Nookls: Absorb hexad magi..."
14/09/13 - "Kate,Autumn,Nicole: Enter..."
14/09/13 - "Next."
14/09/13 - "Next."
14/09/09 - "Sleepover Squad: Assemble..."
14/09/06 - "Autumn: Find nookls."
14/09/04 - "Nicole: Dispose of body."
14/08/31 - "Nicole: Examine the body."
14/08/31 - "Kate: Come and stop nookl..."
14/08/31 - "Nookls: Kill the grill!"
14/08/30 - "Snailmush: Sit around and..."
14/08/30 - "Snailmush: Prepare yourse..."
14/08/30 - "Minath: Prove yourself!"
14/08/30 - "See what Minath is doing."
14/08/30 - "Go talk to nookls."
14/08/30 - "Try to talk to Autumn."
14/08/29 - "Go find Autumn."
14/08/29 - "Just be Heidi again this ..."
14/08/29 - "Be the friend."
14/08/29 - "Say hi to the Ritalin reg..."
14/08/29 - "Enter the door."
14/08/29 - "[1]Unpauge the Quest."
14/08/27 - "secret2@zeniea.com:~$ Nex..."
14/08/21 - "secret2@zeniea.com:~$ Nex..."
14/08/20 - "secret2@zeniea.com:~$ Nex..."
14/08/20 - "secret2@zeniea.com:~$ Nex..."
14/08/20 - "secret2@zeniea.com:~$ Nex..."
14/08/20 - "Listen to the girls story..."
14/08/20 - "Coak: Enter the portal."
14/08/20 - "Examine timeline."
14/08/19 - "[1]Pauge the Quest."
14/08/19 - "Silhouette: Reveal yourse..."
14/08/19 - "Cyberneticman: Fuck that!"
14/08/19 - "Cyberneticman: Stop the v..."
14/08/19 - "Fuzball: Stale crackers."
14/08/19 - "Heidi: Attack with the da..."
14/08/19 - "Heidi: Panic!!!"

09-28-14: Kate, Autumn, Nicole: Play an EXTREME GAME OF CHESS.

07-19-14: zQuest Soundtrack available HERE!!!

06-28-14: Flashwave made a RSS Feed for subscribing to zQuest updates!

06-20-14: Mega Zeniea Confirmed?

06-19-14: Happy Birthday Lord Scriminamp!

06-06-14: Added the Suggestions Box. Thanks Flashwave!

05-31-14: Sorry I've been inactive for so long. My school and social life have been taking up most of my time and I just haven't gotten around to updating. I'm going to try to be more consistent from now on especially with June 2nd coming up. Hopefully you guys understand, even though there aren't that many readers to zQuest anyway.

04-25-14: Switched from the ?id=1 page URL system to the p1 page URL system.

04-19-14: Autumn: Play a Visual Novel.

04-17-14: I've added a bar in the top left for new visitors to the site. It has the New Reader page and the Help page and you can dismiss it by clicking hide. I've put a content warning on the new reader page since I realized some of the things in zquest can be a bit offensive for some and I should put a fair warning somewhere.

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